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We offer private one on one coaching session from the CEO of Lionhearted Foundation and an expert leadership cohort to assist women to stand in their power and find the strength in their voice. 

Whatever your challenge, we will stand beside and guide you. We will work with you to develop:

  1. A framework that builds resilience around the ability to respond, recover and thrive in challenging environments.
  2. Techniques to build courage, develop gravitas and stand strong with a sense of self.
  3. Support for how to use the power of your mind, body, heart, and soul to be effective in this world.
  4. Steps to identify your strengths and use them to springboard into your soul work.
  5. Access your current wellbeing and gain tools to help build a foundation of mental and physical health.
  6. Sustainable strategies to increase diversity, equity and inclusion as a leader in your field.
  7. Problem-solving and innovative thought strategies to remove the big roadblocks to a successful career and a fulfilling life.
  8. Hone public speaking skills to present ideas persuasively and influence others effectively.
  9. Acquire the skills to recognise the inherent value of your voice, and master techniques that will allow you to confidently take your seat at the leadership table, speaking with authenticity, experience, and undeniable power.
  10. A personalised program for senior women and board members who want to be truth tellers and speak up against bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct.

To connect


The Connect Stream within the Lionhearted Foundation is designed to facilitate networking, foster collaboration, and create a supportive community for individuals seeking personal and professional growth. It offers two distinct components: Connect Lunches and Luxury Leisure Retreats, both of which contribute to overall business success in unique ways:

  1. Connect Lunches: Connect Lunches are regular gatherings that provide a platform for individuals to network, share experiences, and build valuable relationships with like-minded peers. These events are typically hosted during lunch hours, making them convenient for professionals. Here’s how they contribute to business success:
    • Networking Opportunities: Connect Lunches bring together individuals from various backgrounds and industries, offering opportunities to expand one’s professional network. These connections can lead to new partnerships, collaborations, and even potential business opportunities.
    • Knowledge Exchange: Participants can engage in discussions, share insights, and exchange ideas related to their respective fields. These interactions can spark creativity and provide fresh perspectives that benefit their businesses.
    • Inspiration: These gatherings often feature guest speakers or thought leaders who share their experiences and expertise. This can inspire attendees and provide valuable insights that can be applied to their own businesses or careers.
  2. Luxury Leisure Retreats: Luxury Leisure Retreats are immersive experiences that combine relaxation, personal development, and networking in a luxurious setting. These retreats offer a break from the daily grind while providing a conducive environment for building meaningful connections. Here’s how they contribute to business success:
    • Stress Reduction: Retreats offer a chance to recharge and reduce stress. When individuals return from a retreat refreshed and rejuvenated, they are often more focused and productive in their professional lives.
    • Deepening Connections: The relaxed atmosphere of retreats fosters deeper connections among participants. Building strong relationships with peers can lead to long-lasting collaborations and partnerships in the business world.
    • Learning and Growth: Retreats often include workshops, seminars, or activities focused on personal development, leadership, or other relevant topics. Participants can acquire new skills and knowledge that can be applied to their businesses.
    • Ideation and Innovation: Being in a new and inspiring environment can stimulate creativity and innovation. Many breakthrough ideas and business strategies are born during moments of relaxation and reflection.

Overall, the Connect Stream, with its Connect Lunches and Luxury Leisure Retreats, not only provides a space for individuals to unwind and connect with others but also offers valuable opportunities for personal and professional development. These experiences can ultimately contribute to enhanced business success by fostering collaboration, expanding networks, and encouraging innovation.

To educate


The Educate Stream within the Lionhearted Foundation consists of two integral components: the Lionhearted Life Series and the Lionhearted Leadership Series. Both series are designed to empower individuals with knowledge, skills, and personal development tools to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

  1. Lionhearted Life Series: The Lionhearted Life Series is a comprehensive program aimed at enhancing various aspects of an individual’s life. It comprises a range of workshops and sessions that focus on key themes such as confidence, connection, commitment to purpose, and courage. Here’s how the Lionhearted Life Series contributes to personal growth:
    • Confidence Building: Workshops within this series help participants recognise their strengths, overcome self-doubt, and build self-confidence. These skills are essential for personal and professional success.
    • Connection and Relationships: The series explores strategies to foster meaningful connections with oneself and others. Building strong relationships is crucial for both personal well-being and effective leadership.
    • Purpose and Fulfillment: Participants are guided to discover their life’s purpose and align their actions with it. This sense of purpose provides a deeper meaning to their endeavors and can lead to a more fulfilling life.
    • Courage and Resilience: The Lionhearted Life Series equips individuals with the courage to face challenges and bounce back from setbacks. It encourages taking bold steps toward personal growth and success.
  2. Lionhearted Leadership Series: The Lionhearted Leadership Series is specifically tailored for those aspiring to be compassionate and impactful leaders. It delves into leadership development, offering insights, strategies, and skills that are essential for effective leadership in various contexts. Here’s what the Lionhearted Leadership Series provides:
    • Leadership of the Mind: Delve into the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to master communication, influence, and personal transformation. Conclude with a session on the power of self-awareness, harnessing the mind’s potential to navigate leadership challenges effectively.
    • Leadership of the Body: Explore the vital connection between leadership and physical well-being, covering topics such as burnout prevention, nutrition for peak performance, stress management, exercise, and hormonal balance. Understand how a healthy body enhances leadership capabilities.
    • Compassionate Leadership: Emphasising the importance of leading with empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of the human aspect of leadership. These qualities foster positive work cultures, enhance team dynamics, and empower you to lead with authenticity.
    • Lionhearted Leadership framework: Acquire essential leadership skills, including adaptability, approachability, curiosity , courage, resilience that deliver results . Explore humanistic leadership, build trust, and develop core leadership competencies while delving into soul and spirit leadership, aligning your values with your leadership style.
    • Business Excellence: Gain insights into elevating your business or organisation to peak performance through strategic planning, effective team management, and a focus on results. Learn to lead with clarity and innovation, driving your business towards success.
    • Connection and Celebration: Indulge in a luxurious evening designed to foster connections, ignite meaningful conversations, and build a powerful leadership tribe. Network with like-minded individuals who share your passion for personal and professional growth, establishing valuable relationships that will support your leadership journey.
    • Embedding the learning: Four follow-up Session that will deepen your leadership journey with specialised workshops on advanced NLP techniques, conscious leadership principles, stress management strategies, and results-driven leadership skills. Continue your growth as a Lionhearted Leader with ongoing support and development opportunities.

Together, the Educate Stream, through the Lionhearted Life Series and the Lionhearted Leadership Series, provides a well-rounded educational experience that not only equips individuals with practical skills but also nurtures personal development and growth. It enables participants to become confident, purpose-driven leaders who can make a positive impact in their personal and professional lives.

To elevate


Elevate Stream: Personalised Whole-Life Coaching and Business Consulting Services

The Elevate Stream is a dynamic offering designed to empower women to elevate themselves and achieve their desired results in both their personal and professional lives. We provide tailored whole-life coaching and comprehensive business consulting services to support you in your journey towards remarkable success.

Key Features of the Elevate Stream:

  1. Whole-Life Coaching: Our personalised coaching is centered on your holistic well-being. We address not only your professional aspirations but also your personal growth, health, relationships, and overall life satisfaction. This approach ensures that you thrive in every aspect of your life.
  2. Achieving Remarkable Results: Our experienced coaches work closely with you to identify your goals, develop a customised action plan, and provide ongoing support to help you achieve remarkable results. Whether you seek personal fulfillment or professional advancement, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.
  3. Business Consulting Excellence: In the business world, we offer consulting services that are results-driven. Our seasoned consultants collaborate with you to optimise your business strategies, enhance team performance, and boost profitability. We provide practical solutions to help you achieve exceptional outcomes.

The Elevate Stream is your pathway to personal and professional excellence. Our dedicated team is committed to supporting your growth and helping you reach your full potential. Elevate yourself with our whole-life coaching and business consulting services, and experience the transformation you’ve been striving for. Your success story begins here.

To change

Lionhearted Change Stream: Transforming young Leadership for a Diverse Future

The Lionhearted Change Stream is a forward-thinking initiative dedicated to reshaping the landscape of leadership for a more diverse and inclusive future. Our mission is to educate and empower the next generation of young women with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to unlock their full potential and become influential leaders in a world where diversity is celebrated.

Key Components of the Lionhearted Change Stream:

  1. Empowering Young Women: We focus on nurturing the talents and leadership potential of young women, recognising that they are the driving force behind a more inclusive and diverse leadership landscape.
  2. Skills for Success: Our programs provide essential leadership skills, including communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and emotional intelligence, ensuring that these young women are equipped to thrive in leadership roles.
  3. Diversity and Inclusion: We emphasise the importance of diversity and inclusion in leadership, teaching young women to appreciate and leverage diverse perspectives for innovative and effective leadership.
  4. Mentorship and Guidance: The Lionhearted Change Stream offers mentorship opportunities, connecting young women with experienced leaders who can provide guidance, support, and inspiration.
  5. Inspiring Change: We encourage these young leaders to challenge the status quo, break barriers, and pioneer a future where leadership is defined by inclusivity, empathy, and a commitment to positive change.

Lioness Podcasts: As part of our commitment to amplifying the voices of these emerging leaders, we are proud to introduce Lioness Podcasts. These podcasts will feature engaging conversations with young women who are making waves in various fields, sharing their experiences, insights, and journeys towards leadership. Through these podcasts, we aim to inspire, inform, and connect our growing community of Lioness leaders as they pave the way for a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow.

By investing in the development of these young women and providing a platform for their voices to be heard, we believe we can create a ripple effect, transforming the face of leadership and fostering a more diverse, equitable, and vibrant future for all. The Lionhearted Change Stream is a catalyst for change, illuminating the path toward a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow. Together, we’re building a world where every young woman can rise as a Lionhearted leader, make a meaningful impact, and have her story heard through Lioness Podcasts.


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