The "Work Well" Series

Welcome to the empowering and transformative “Work Well” series—an inclusive program tailored for women seeking comprehensive personal and professional development. Over three half-day sessions with ten workshops together we str enhance key aspects of participants’ lives from confidence to connection to purpose and courage.

The program begins with a focus on Confidence Building, guiding individuals to recognise strengths, overcome self-doubt, and cultivate essential skills for personal and professional success. The second workshop focuses on the significance of Connections, both with oneself and others, the workshop explores strategies for building meaningful relationships—a cornerstone of personal well-being and effective leadership.

We also explore the mind-body connection. The Living Well workshop introduces the importance of nourishing the body with wholesome nutrition, while the Meditation workshop explores mindfulness practices for mental clarity and emotional resilience. Additionally, the Reducing Stress and Managing Burnout workshop equips participants with practical strategies to identify stressors, implement effective coping mechanisms, and establish boundaries for sustained well-being.

We explore the meaningful life framework of Ikigai and work towards developing a deep sense of Purpose and Commitment to the life you desire and deserve. This workshop guides participants to discover and align with their life’s purpose, fostering a deeper meaning.

The final workshop is on building Courage and Resilience, empowering individuals to face challenges boldly and rebound from setbacks with strength.

The “Work Well” series gives women a toolkit toward confidence, connection, purpose, and resilience—a holistic approach that moves past traditional personal development, towards lasting well-being and success.

Structure – Over three half days from Friday to Sunday 

Cost – $1500

Confidence – Connection –  Commitment – Courage

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