The "Level Up Leadership" Series

The “Level Up Leadership” program is an exclusive series tailored for those aspiring to be compassionate and impactful leaders. This comprehensive leadership development series offers lived insights, sustainable strategies, and a comprehensive toolkit of essential leadership skills to survive todays workplaces. The Lionhearted Leadership Series is designed to cultivate holistic leadership capabilities through the following key components:

Leadership of the Mind: Immerse yourself in the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mastering communication, influence, and personal transformation. Conclude with a session on the power of self-awareness, harnessing the mind’s potential to navigate leadership challenges effectively.

Leadership of the Body: Explore the crucial connection between leadership and physical well-being, covering burnout prevention, nutrition for peak performance, stress management, exercise, and hormonal balance. Understand how a healthy body enhances leadership capabilities.

Leadership with Heart: Emphasising the importance of leading with empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of the human aspect of leadership. These qualities foster positive work cultures, enhance team dynamics, and empower you to lead with authenticity.

Leadership with Soul: Taking the way you lead to the next level through Conscious leadership. Creating a legacy in your community and living a meaningful life.

Lionhearted Leadership Framework: Acquire essential leadership skills, including adaptability, approachability, curiosity, courage, and resilience that deliver results. Explore humanistic leadership, build trust, and develop core leadership competencies while delving into soul and spirit leadership, aligning your values with your leadership style.

Business Excellence: Gain insights into elevating your business or organisation to peak performance through strategic planning, effective team management, and a focus on results. Learn to lead with clarity and innovation, driving your business towards success.

Connection and Celebration: Indulge in a connection evening and build a powerful leadership tribe. Network with like-minded individuals who share your passion for personal and professional growth, establishing valuable relationships that will support your leadership journey.

Embedding the Learning: Elevate your leadership journey with four follow-up sessions that delve into advanced NLP techniques, conscious leadership principles, stress management strategies, and results-driven leadership skills. Continue your growth as a Lionhearted Leader with ongoing support and development opportunities. Join us in this transformative leadership experience, where mind, body, and soul converge to shape compassionate, impactful, and enduring leaders.

Structure – 3 full day workshops on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Cost – $2500

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