The "Immersive Leadership" Retreats

Elevate Your Leadership Journey

Day One: Wholehearted Leadership – Courage to Lead with the Heart
Embark on a transformative journey with Jeanette Allom-Hill, Telstra Business Women of the Year for the Public Sector and Academia 2020, and CEO of Lionhearted Foundation. Discover the courage it takes to lead with genuine emotion, empathy, and authenticity. Explore how aligning your leadership with the heart can catalyze exceptional results for both individuals and organizations.

Day Two: Leading with the Mind – NLP in Leadership
Immerse yourself in the expertise of Simone Leslie, an International Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Master Neuro Strategist, and Author. Delve into the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in leadership. Learn to harness the power of the mind, enhance communication, and develop strategies grounded in cognitive principles for effective leadership.

Day Three: Conscious Leadership – Soul-Led Next-Level Leadership
Catherine Molloy, an award-winning International Speaker, Author, and Mentor, will guide you to explore conscious leadership. Discover how authenticity, purpose, and intuition converge to shape a new paradigm of next-level leadership. Gain practical insights and techniques to inspire positive change within individuals and organizations.

Each Day Includes:

Healthy Body – Navigating Burnout, Stress, and Sleep
Join Dr. Kellie Rose, dedicated to elevating women’s health through body science. Navigate the critical elements of maintaining a healthy body for effective leadership. Explore strategies to combat burnout, manage stress, and improve sleep, fostering holistic well-being for sustainable leadership success.

Connect, Collaborate, and Create
Nourish your body and soul during a leisurely lunch while networking with fellow attendees. Explore a framework on the power of connection and community.

Interactive Workshop: Embedding Learnings into Leadership Practices
Engage in hands-on activities and discussions to embed insights from the sessions into your leadership practices. Develop actionable strategies for integrating heart, mind, and body into your leadership approach.

Panel Discussion: Elevated Leadership – A Holistic Approach
Gather insights from all speakers in a dynamic panel discussion on inclusive leadership. Explore how the heart, mind, and body intersect in the journey towards holistic and conscious leadership.

Networking Evenings
Join us for a relaxing evening as we network and enjoy breathtaking sunset views. Connect with fellow participants, share experiences, and forge lasting connections in a picturesque setting.

Structure – Two nights and three -day retreat on location

Cost – Dependant on location

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