The "Complete Coaching" Program

What we offer:

  • A 12-month coaching program
  • Integration of “Work Well” and “Level Up Leadership” programs
  • Comprehensive personal and professional development
  • Integration of personal and professional growth
  • Grounded in Blue Zones Power 9 principles.

Program Inclusions

  • 1 full day workshop each month for 12 months
  • 1 connect Lunch every month
  • 1-hour private coaching session each month
  • Connection companion for monthly sessions
  • Lifelong membership to the Lionhearted Foundation community of practice
  • Group of experts in their fields.

Monthly Structure

  • Dynamic full-day face-to-face workshops
  • Morning sessions focused on personal growth and well-being
  • A connection lunch
  • Afternoons translating principles into practical strategies for business and work life.

Monthly Follow-up

  • Private one-hour coaching session to embed learnings
  • Monthly connection companion for support.

Networking and Support

  • Connect with like-minded professionals for monthly check-ups
  • Quarterly get-togethers for dinner
  • Culmination in a weekend retreat
  • Celebration of achievements and growth.

Program Highlights by Month

  • Month 1: Unlock your Success Strategy
  • Month 2: Self-awareness and confidence – Strengths-based living and leadership
  • Month 3: Purposeful Living – Discover and align with your life purpose (Ikigai framework)
  • Month 4: Connection, Belonging, and Social Engagement – Foster meaningful connections
  • Month 5: Leadership of the Mind – NLP, communication, influence, and personal transformation
  • Month 6: The Lionhearted Leadership Framework
  • Month 7: Courageous and Resilient Leadership
  • Month 8: Curious and Innovative Leadership
  • Month 9: Conscious Leadership – Leading with empathy, compassion, and understanding
  • Month 10: Results-Driven Leadership
  • Month 11: Move Naturally – Holistic health practices
  • Month 12: Action Plan and Integration – Create a roadmap for sustained success.

Why Choose Us?


  • $12k per year
  • $1k Monthly Direct Debit (DD)

Optional extra – Celebrate your year graduation together with a Lionhearted Luxury Retreat in the Sunshine Coast

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